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As an Employer What Does Emotional Intelligence Have to Do With your Company Success?

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As an Employer What Does Emotional Intelligence Have to Do With your Company Success?

What is emotional intelligence? It relates to your emotional & social abilities.  In the workplace, the more emotional intelligence that both you and your employees use, the better the relationships and successful team work.  For example, the ability to identify emotions such as irritability, frustration or anxiety is an emotional intelligence skill. If you cannot label these emotions, they can be so easily misunderstood and cause tension and conflict in the workplace. In a team environment, if you understand your employee’s strengths and weaknesses, you can maximize strengths and so encourage an environment for success.

Another skill is embracing change. If your employees fear change, they will not be embracing a workplace that needs to be constantly assessing and implementing needed workplace change to stay in business

As an employer, knowing yourself and your emotions helps build self confidence, as well as helps you to laugh at yourself once in a while.  Being in business means you need to know how to say no. This skill helps you avoid impulsive decisions, which would also help reduce stress and burn out.

How do you handle your mistakes? Do you learn from them, engage employees in developing action plans to solve problems or do mistakes make you fearful and drag you down.  How would fear affect your workplace? As an employer you know in a negative workplace, stress builds, employees dread coming to work, efficiency & effectiveness suffers and soon absenteeism increases due to health issues. You also know a stressed out employee becomes a toxic employee. Your emotional skills in managing a difficult employee rationally and objectively does relate back as how you handle negativity in the workplace.

Building a positive culture is an ongoing effort. Sometimes, surprizing employees by giving them something they were not expecting can go a long way in creating a positive force.  Most importantly, encouraging employees to take their holidays, as well as ensuring you take time off enables both body and mind recovery and reenergizing time, as well as bringing positive energy back.

You might conclude in learning more about emotional intelligence that enhancing both your own and your employee emotional and social skills could have a very positive effect on relationships, team work, meeting goals, productivity and the success of your business.   Check out Deniz Yalim’s article “Identifying 18 Traits of Emotional Intelligence”, Oct2/17, BayArt.



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