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Work Harder, Faster, Smarter Right?

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Work Harder, Faster, Smarter Right?

Right – if you want “burn out”. Blackstone Insurance Consultants can help you start the conversation.  Stress is a common word today especially with technology enabling your employees “to be on or accessible 24/7”. As an employer you might like the idea of sending emails at 10PM or even getting a response while an employee is on holidays.  In fact some of your employees respond at 10:15PM and don’t take all of their holidays in their thinking that this demonstrates commitment and the company comes first in their life. Employees might start to think if they respond faster, do more, multitask and work in the evenings, they will be viewed as hard working and the company comes first, which could lead to a promotion.  But as an employer you know that “burn out” is only a matter of time. Valued employees need to feel the company cares about them and will invest in them. Being “on and available” initially works and then irritability, near misses, and health issues such as high blood pressure or family break down start to appear, affecting productivity.  As an employer, workplace policy can help reduce this type of stress in the workplace. Contact Blackstone Insurance @ 306-477-1706

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