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Employee Benefit Programs

“Your employees and their health are your company’s most valuable asset.  Protect them.”

Comprehensive Employee Benefit plans have become a key ingredient for forward-thinking Canadian companies. The experts at Blackstone understand that an organization’s greatest assets are its people. This is the rationale for custom building exceptional programs that help attract and retain key employees. Like Canada itself, our client base is diverse, spans the majority of business sectors and is representative of companies both big and small!
Some of the reasons that our clients value working with Blackstone:

  • We carry a preferred status with the top Canadian Insurers.  This allows us to create the most competitive and sustainably priced programs available.
  • Offer unparalleled expertise on program recommendations, options and industry bench-marking.
  • Provide customized service programs, offering our clients a clear understanding of what we do and when they can expect it!

There is no secret to our success at Blackstone Insurance. We offer our clients loyalty, integrity and transparency. Please contact your advisor for details.