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Administrative Services Only (ASO)

ASO Plans (Administrative Services Only)

An ASO arrangement is a self-insurance arrangement where an employer generally pays for the health and dental claims (plus administration costs) with their own funds.  Similar to fully insured group benefits plans, an ASO will provide the insured with such conveniences as:

  • Pay Direct Drug Cards
  • Insurer Claims Adjudication
  • Opportunity for Employee Cost Sharing

Comparatively to a fully insured program, a traditional ASO will be reconciled on a monthly basis and the insured would be responsible for any/all deficits.  To address the concern of the fluctuation of month to month claims experience, Budgeted ASO programs were developed.  A Budgeted ASO will be based on previous claims history and will have the insured pay a fixed amount each month.  The deficit or surplus on a Budgeting ASO will be adjudicated at the end of the year.  With the myriad of options available, please contact our experts at Blackstone to discuss what the right program is for you.